Eleking エレキング - HyperMod UltraKaiju Series


JOKU Productions

Collectible Statue

Only ships to Hong Kong/Macau, Taiwan, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, North America (US and Canada)
Price:     89 USD / 680 HKD / 2781 TWD         (Shipping not included)


Eleking from the HyperMod UltraKaiju Series carefully replicates the details of the original suit in a SuperDeformed style. Details like the holes for the suit actor to see are also meticulously integrated into the design.

HyperMod UltraKaiju Eleking stands approximately 17cm to the top of its head and 19cm to the top of its horns. This collectible statue features a light-up function in its mouth, along with articulated horns.

Materials:     PVC   ABS

Features:     Light-up mouth, articulated horns

Product and Box Dimensions:

  • Est. Product Size: H19 x W15 x D18 cm
  • Est. Box Size: H21 x W17 x D20 cm
  • Est. Product Weight: 400 g
  • Est. Shipping Weight: 600 g


The prototype shown is pending final approval, the final product may differ slightly. Batteries will not be included for products with light-up features due to customs.

- Duties, taxes and any other charges related to customs clearance are not included in the price.





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